The Softness Within

There are many societies where a person’s looks matter most, and people often attribute kindness and compassion to those who measure up to their idea of a beautiful person. Few of them find that person approachable, and they might never know their guesses as to personality are wildly off. They might also look at a person who seems rough and unkempt on the outside, and they will believe they have found someone selfish and rude. It should occur to them that beauty on the outside is not necessarily reflective of a person’s true nature, and the rough person might be one where the softness within them outshines their exterior.

True beauty

Physical measurements are often specified when looking for a date or a relationship, but it is the inside of a person that counts for more when longevity is sought. Those seeking only a perfect face or figure will miss the true beauty that can lie within another if they are careless or rash with their thought processes. Dating only those with the preferred physical attributes might look good in public, but the private life of a couple could be horrible because they have little in common to sustain their relationship. Singles seeking beauty in their mate should consider the possibilities of making a firm commitment to a person with fewer physical attributes and a more favourable personality.

Seeking softness

Going through life with another person has many requirements for those seeking happiness, and a hard person might be good in the bad times. Their ability to be ruthless could keep the couple from going under, but there are times when compassion weighs heavily in their favour. Seeking softness in a mate could appear to be worthless to those looking for strength, but many people with a great deal of compassion tend to be stronger than those with gruff voices in times of trouble.

Unkempt appearances

It is best to enhance whatever features a person has, but there are those who hold the belief that others should measure them by their deeds. They do little or nothing to make their appearance pleasant for others, and they see unkempt appearances as more honest. These are people looking for a partner able to accept them for whom they are, and they seek value in their relationships. They want to make a commitment to a person able to appreciate their knowledge, wisdom and strengths instead of their looks, and they are willing to be bypassed for those who are prettier rather than be with someone shallow.

It takes a great deal of confidence to go out and date, and those who are not blessed with the perfect face or body must be prepared for automatic rejections. They could have a softness inside that will never be a part of the personality of a beautiful person, but they have strength and compassion. Their appearance might not be something they are willing to enhance to garner favour, but their love and ability to make a true commitment could make them the perfect partner.